Today there once a small interim report, as well as an outlook for the year 2015

The RaspBoy project is almost completed – but the software must be configured – a work which is not really exciting (hence no update yet;-))

There are also some Pinball-news:

I have decided leave the pinball as it is (well, almost) – so no Steampunk outfit. Too bad, because the thing with the exhaust pipe would have been funny. The Pinball is good as it is – Sideart will be created soon (well, as soon as I bought the plotter)

What I could now do in 2015 ….
A difficult question – a RaspGear is too boring for me atm – maybe later. An arcade cab would be fine, but the project is too expensive at the moment (apart from the fact that I unfortunately have no room for it). At the top of my 2do list is something that is less technical, but rather decorative (similar to the tes-dragon). The Ark of the Covenant.

Yes, you read correctly. Well, not with the same features, but the one or the other gadget I will also incorporate here. First of all I have to check on the project feasibility – planned start is early 2015 – stay tuned!


Almost done – at least the hardware-part….
The bezel for the flashers and playfield LCD are moutned . I cut out a piece of the big launch-button of my last cab for the glass of the launch-light.
Also the original stainless-steel sidebars are on its place anc cover the sides of the playfield-LCD perfectly.

Now only the playfield-glass and backbox-bezel are missing.