PacDrive Tutorial

You’ll find here a short PacDrive tutorial with a bunch of useful (needed) fines, to spare you the (quite annoying) search on the web. They are all hosted on my Dropbox-Account.


OK, you got your PacDrvice, wha now? First of all, you should think about the assignment of the outputs. My assignment is as follows (For the case you want to use my ledcontrol.ini):

  1. Start-Button
  2. Launch-Button
  3. ExtraBall-Button
  4. Coin-Button
  5. Menu
  6. Exit
  7. Strobe – Backbox
  8. Strobe – Playfield
  9. Flasher mid
  10. Flasher left
  11. Flasher right
  12. Slingshot left
  13. Slingshot right
  14. Bumper left
  15. Bumper right
  16. Bumper mid
IMPORTANT: NEVER wire the power-supply directly to any output ot the PacDrive! ONLY ground should be connected! I recommend using the power-supply of the PC for 12V, or an external power supply for the case you have 24V solenoids, because the PacDrives output is only 5V
The wiring should look like this
Pacdrive 12v
Dont forget the diode for your solenoids/relais (Same pocedure for 12V relais/power-supply) :

Power on your Cab and admire your work – every Flasher will be on immediately (The PacDrives with “special option” will be of at startup). You should download LEDBlinky anyway. Download it and start “simpleLEDtest.exe”. Now you can test every single port of your PacDrive.

Now you thees following Files(simply copy them in your Visual Pinball/Tables folder):

ledcontrol.vbs – DOWNLOAD

This version of Ledcontrol.vbs (V0.1.2) is out of date, but the latest one which supports the PacDrive. LedWiz user should download the most recent one

ledcontrol.ini – DOWNLOAD

My ledcontrol.ini – DOWNLOAD

PacDrive.dll und DynaWrap.dll (dont forget to unzip 😉 )

core.vbs – DOWNLOAD

The modified core.vbs is the last file you´ll need (for now).

Now open aommand prompt (Windows 7 user have to start it  as administrator!), go to your tables-folder (in which you copied the files you´ve downloaded) and type

regsvr32 DynaWrap.dll /c

to register the  DynaWrap.dll. (and close the command prompt)

Now you have to tell Visual Pinball when it should activate which port on the PacDrive using the ledcontrol.ini. I recommend using my ledcontrol.ini as draft.

LedControl.ini for Dummies:

One line per table – no line break. Line break means: Here starts a new table. At the begin of every line you´ll find the ROM-Name, followed by a comma and some strange…codes….
The “codes” are the solenoids, lamps, etc. the PacDrive controls. Do not use any spaces!
0 = always off
ON = always on
SXX = On, if Solenoid Nr.XX is switched on by the ROM
WXX =On, if Switch Nr.XX is switched on by the ROM
LXX = On, if Lamp Nr.XX is switched on by the ROM

If one Port of your PacDrive should be triggered by more than one solenoid, switch or lamp, simply use a slash  (/)  to separate (e.g. …,S8,S21/S22/S30,…)

Pixelmagics Homepage really helps setting up the ledcontrol.ini

Maybe you have noticed, that there are other lines too in the ledcontrol.ini, if you downloaded the LedControl.ini from another source. Delete all other lines (well, except of the lines for the table! Commands like Blink (B), colours, delays or similar won’t work either. The reason for this is the outdated ledcontrol.vbs we are forced to use.

Have fun…….and good luck…..and strong nerves….you´ll need it!



  1. The problem is the version of ledcontrol.vbs you posted here. This script can never work, at least two global DIM statements are missing. When a table is started the leds go out, so that part of the script is working, but the reference to the dll is lost because the variable is declared locally. This results in a “dll cannot be found” error. Are you sure this is the version you are using yourself? Or did you copy and paste this file from elsewhere?

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