The smoking duct-tape-dragon

After a visit in Klein Haugsdorf (Excalibur City) i decided to “mod” our fog-machine, which we use on Child-parties. Some time ago I made the Piranha-Plant for my sons Super-Mario-Birthday-Party:

The goal was to create the smoke spitting head of a dragon with luminated eyes (I had a tiny Dragon figure as template). First of all a “cage” for the fog machine was needed. Then I created the rough shape of the head with metal perforated tapes and some screws.

To be honest: At this stage I thought that the whole thing would NEVER look like a dragon:

The “skin” of the dragon is made of fabric tape, the ….erm…”ears” are made of fabric tabs and a cable duct.

Here you see the “occiput” and the fog-machine:

The upper jaw:

And the lower jaw:

Now the head´s shape is finished (and the fabric tape is used up). For easier painting (and to get a smoother surface) I wallpapered the head with newspaper:

Now lets start painting….

I airbrushed the yellow and orange parts to get a blending. I had some yellow “spare LEDs” left for the eyes (well…. I ordered them for the Pinball but never used them)

The eyes should be green when not luminated. So I cut the “legs” of a plastic-bottle in shape, colored them green and sticked them above the LEDs. I cut the teeth of the dragon out and hot-glued them. Finally I installed the fog machine with some metal perforated tapes and secured it with zipties.

The dragon in action: