New flat – new problems…

Since we´ve moved to a new flat I had a big problem: 

The Pinball Cab, which was also used as a coffee table does not fit to the new furnishing. The color does not match to the rest of the living room and the height was not good either. So I decided with a heavy heart to disassemble the Cab. Unbelievable how quick you destroy months of work…

Based on the reasons why I disassembled the Cab it sounds quite strange and irrational, but there is a new big project in sight: A new Cab – this time with a real pinball casing.

I bought a real pinball machine at a Garage sale: A Williams “Comet”. Well, it does not work, because all the PCBs and the internals of the backbox are missing, but the price was really cheap.

The casing is OK. Also the Coindoor, the Solenoids, Lockbar and a few other things are in good shape. Sure it would be great to restore the pinball to a “real” pinball machine, but it would cost A LOT of money to do that!

I´ll post some photos soon, stay tuned!


Almost done ….no, wait!

This becomes a never-ending story, because I am thinking of adding new features every time the cab is almost done…

This time User Ollybolly brought me an idea (Many thanks for that): The bezel of the backbox will be made of milky plexyglass – illuminated.

Well…. this is more complex as i thought…..
How will I manage to evenly illuminate the box and how could I make a milky frame in the glass?

I used 4 pieces of LED stripes, mounted on the backside of the LCD to evenly illuminate the box (Don’t forget to isolate everything hat could cause a short circuit!)

The backbox without glass – not illuminated:

Foto 1

The 2 strobes, which were mounted on the sides of the playfield, are now backbox strobes. 2 superbright LED-Stripes are now the playfield strobes.

Here 2 pictures of the illuminated box and the new playfield strobes:

Foto 2Foto 3

As you see the backbox is illuminated very bright… too bright….
So I musused a regulator for a pc-fan to dim the light.

The glass is not finished yet, but here is an useful tip: NEVER use Frost-colors or similar!. It is looking quite fine – until you illuminate it…. I´ll give some static milky-glass-foil a chance….

It´s alive!

The “hardware-part” is almost done! The Backbox is not mounted properly yet, so I simply put it on the table. 


You can fold away one side-panel of the “lower box” to get access to the switches:


The insides of the lower box:


….and the front-buttons


I can´t get the pac drive up and running with visual pinball (it works with ledblinky)


Update: Pacdrive is now running like a charm

TV or not TV, that is the question

It´s time to install the LCD TV . I removed all unnessesary plastic and metal-parts and “mounted” the panels on the backside of the TV (I put a piece of paper under the panels for isolation first):

I removed the speakers and the bezel of the TV too and – I noticed that I measured incorrectly! The correct width of the TV is 550mm, not 545mm. Damn. After loosen the screws of the upper box the TV finally fits in (more or less…):

And it´s still working (Horray!):

Let´s start building…

Right at the beginning the first issues appeared. 

Here is a pic of the bottom-panel of the “lower box”:

I planned to use a 1cm thick chipboard for the bottom and top panel of the lower box to get more space for the PC inside. And guess what…. there was no shop in vienna which is selling chipboards that thick. So I had to use 5mm panels and a wooden frame (to make it more stiff).

Here is the backbox:

And the front panel with buttons:

Also it was not possible to get a 86mm hole-cutter for the jumbo button, but a 85mm and a rasp did the job…