My first project: Cocktail Cab

We go back in time to the year 2008. Why? Inspired by the old cocktail tables I built a new,modern one.

Cocktail Table  Cocktail Table2

First, there was a 21″ CRT built in (for the “Arcade-Feeling”), but the CRT caused serious heat problems. So I replaced it with a 21″ LCD.

I used 2 Logitech Wireless Rumblepads as controller. I planned to build some real arcade controls – but the risk of bumping against this “extension” and getting hurt was too big…

There is a reason, why I chooses such a discreet design:

I asked myself where I can place this thing, when its finished (OK, my wife asked hat question, I just wanted to start building…). There was enough space in the living room (instead of the “normal” coffee-table). Bright furniture – dark table – no way! So I decided to use bright wood instead of the classic black color and I reduced the height. Tadaa – my Table was finished!