I´m not dead!


After a break I am back…almost….

There are several Projects “under developement”:

First of all, a quick and easy one: The “Top-Secret” LCD Screen
The second one is a Raspberry Pi in a golden Commodore64 Case – with original Keyboard.
And the third one is a new Cab. An arcade cab specially designed for Shooters like House of dead or Time Crisis.

For the Commodore64 i still need…well…a C64…
The problem is, that I will not pay EUR 60,– upwards for a working C64 for breaking it (besides that my heart would be bleeding when breaking it). If anybody knows where to get a cheap one, let me know – no matter if its working or not (only the Keyboard is important). Even an ugly, rotten unit will do the job cause of the gold-plating.

The arcade cab will take some time, because thats a REALLY expensive project.
Oh, and no, I have not cancelled the ark of covenant 😉



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