Coming soon….

Oh my god…. April is almost over and I have finished – nothing….
Sorry, but 2015 started real bad for me but the worst part´s over (i hope).

I´ll start a new project real soon – maybe not the ark of covenant (this will be done later when I am (kind of) fully recovered) but a smaller one.




  1. Hello,
    nice to get news from you. Hope everything is fine!

    What will be your project?
    I already finished my gameboy project too and had some nice moments playing it.

    Have fun!


    • Im not sure yet….
      I have a REALLY old radio (with good old radiotubes) and a RasPi, maybe I´ll build a sort of Internet-radio.
      On the other hand there is a commodore 64 which needs a RasPi-Upgrade (which is more fun to build).

      The problem is, that I don´t have the room in my flat for bigger projects (like the arc) – I have to sell the pinball first
      Well, at least it will be a RasPi thingy 😉

      Oh, and congratutations for your finished Gameboy!

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