The RaspBoy (Part 10) – Grande Finale

Well,  already thought the desire to project Raspboy had lost?
To be honest – almost, because the configuration is quite tedious and not very funny but finally I did the it.

Emulation station was configured quickly – this tool is really foolproof. Retroarch was more difficult – maybe difficult is the wrong word, more complicated.After I edited the configuration file finished I did a test and – hooray, it works!

Ideally in Retroarch one function could be done with several buttons that was necessary. Why?
It’s simple: In “handheld” mode the games are controlled with the GameBoy buttons but via HDMI on the TV and wireless controller player 1 should be controlled wireless and not with GameBoy buttons. A simultaneous pressure on Select and Start exits the emulators.

Also “console mode” works perfectly. However, I will underclock the RasPi, since the thing gets really warm when playing a longer period.
So this project seems to be finished – and now for the planning of the Ark of the Covenant …..


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