The RaspBoy (Part 9) – Case closed (almost)

First of all:

Here are the updated schematics of the Raspboy:

I tried to get rid of the noise caused by the Amplifier with a self-made shield:

No, that´s not a condom…..

Another epic fail – the noise was´nt very impressed of the shield. So I installed the old Amplifier again – Better crappy sount than no sound – or noise on the LCD.

I almost closed the Raspboy-Casing by gluing the screw-mounting (which I cut off another GameBoy case) into the Raspboy. It worked perfectly.

Too bad this method worked only with 3 of the 6 screws, so there is a little gap on one of the corners of the RaspBoy case…



  1. Hi, I’m using Retropie 2.3
    And i’m using 5v to power the LCD.
    From Top Down, I soldered the 5v on the first capacitor. Later i can send you a picture. On the other side of the board you have the 5v pin (its were you soldered) I don’t believe that’s the problem.
    Anyway later I will re-solder the wire from the capacitor to that 5v pin.
    I have modified some configs of the config.txt but i also don’t believe that’s the problem also…


  2. Great! It worked!

    Other topic, since I had to remove the ethernet port, I used a “usb to ethernet adapter” and it works perfectly. Anytime I need to make any adjustment, I just need to plug the adapter and connect via putty or ftp =)

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