The Raspboy (Part 8) – Back to 5V

Sorry for the late update – I had some troubles with my Macbook (thanks apple) and I was in the deepest, secluded corner of Styria the last few days because I had to visit a seminar – isolated with no internet…

Since the attempt to use a 3,7V battery to power the Raspboy was (another) epic fail I needed another solution for the problem…

Actually it was quite simple:

The Problem was, that i was impossible to operate the Raspboy when the battery was empty – even when powered with the power supply, to I had to wire the power-supply to the battery (for charging) AND the Raspboy (to power it)


power supply –> battery –>Raspboy
power supply –> RaspBoy

IMPORTANT: to prevent the current for flowing into the “wrong side” of the battery (the output) the battery has to be uncoupled with Diodes.

After fileing a little bit there was enough room for moving the battery upwards so te GameBoy headphone jack can be installed.

The USB port and the mini USB port (for charging) have enough room in the battery compartment!
Using a 2A make the Raspboy work perfectly (even with an empty battery) BUT:

Houston, we have a new Problem:
The new amplifier causes the LCD to flicker really bad when closing the Raspboy…..
And: I need a way to close the Raspboy – without sticking it together…



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