The RaspBoy (Part 6) – The Battery Problem

I decided to replace the 5V Battery with a normal battery for mobile phones, a PCB for charging and a DC-DC Converter (to convert the 3,7V to 5V)

The tiny PCBs fit perfectly in the GameBoy case not needing much room. I also replaced the mini-amplifier (boy, this thing was crap!) with another (better) one so I can use an internal speaker too.

Also an new USB Hub is now inside the RaspBoy, because 2 of the 4 USB ports of the old one were not working (yes, it was my fault..)

So I disassembled the new one…

…and removed 3 of the 4 USB Cables. Then I soldered the USB Cable of the Teensy and the wireless-receiver to the USB-ports and put the Hub into the RaspBoy.

YES, a wireless Receiver!

I had an XBox360-wireless-USB-receiver which I don’t need anymore, so I disassembled it and….had no clue where to put that big PCB….

I cut away not needed Parts of the PCB (It is a little bit bigger than it has to be) and had luck:

It fits perfectly in the Cartridge slot of the GameBoy Case and even the connect button is accessible!

When its done the Raspboy, connected to an TV with HDMI is a nice retro-console with wireless-controllers – well, at least thats the plan…..

When I power the whole thing directly without the Battery the RaspBoy works perfectly (almost), but there is a problem with the new battery: The RaspBoy tries to boot, but then (after a split second) it does a reboot . Also the Screen powers off, and then back on…

Also the PCB of the Gameboy Buttons or (more likely) the Teensy did´nt like the hours of soldering on it: There is an extreme input-lag when controlling the Raspboy with the internal buttons. The Raspboy won’t boot when the wireless Keyboard and the Teensy are connected to the RaspBoy simultaneously too….

I´ll do a fresh install of the RetroPi software first before I order a new Teensy – maybe I screwed up one of the config files….

Thanks to attentive reader Hugo the Teensy is history. You don´t need that thing for using the GameBoy Buttons, because you can use the GPIO Pins of the RasPi! Read more in my next Post….



  1. Hi!
    Build our own PCB would be a challenge to make it workable and expensive. The best solution is to use the original PCB or buy one.

    @Sim1 Nice tip for the controller.

    • If you use the original PCB it is very important to have a plan where you will connect the wires and which conductor paths you have to interrupt. Otherwise your PCB will look like mine (you´ll find a Photo of the poor PCB in my next post).
      Also you have to be very careful – Its quite easy to pull out the conductor paths when the wires are soldered to them.
      Its easier when you built your own PCB for sure, but it´s not the same thing. The more original parts of the GameBoy you can recycle, the better.
      I also wanted to recycle the original speaker. I had a working and a non-working one. Guess which one I put in the trash by mistake….

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