The RaspBoy (Part 5) – Energy Crisis

Be warned: The diagrams in this post are …lets call it beta… because there are several problems with the battery
I created them because of many requests (OK, it was only one….)

Problem 1: Annoying safety switch

The battery has to be switched on with an extra micro switch – quite annoying, so I planned to get the needed energy directly from the battery – without the battery-controller. Well… many persons told me not to do that because of current fluctuations and possible deep discharge.

Problem 2:

The battery-controller serves 1A to charge the battery. 1A – no more (only less..). This is a big problem when operating the RaspBoy while charging, because the RasPi and Pheriphery already require little bit more than 1A, so it´s not possible to operate the RaspBoy when battery is discharged

The solution: Another battery, more boards (luckily only 2 tiny ones)

User Jensma donated a 3,7V battery charger (right) and a 5V regulator (left) (many, many thanks for that!!) so I only need a different battery and some luck and my battery-problems are history.

Here comes the diagrams of the current wiring:

Power supply (and Composite):

I soldered the current supply directly to the Raspy (Ground = yellow):

USB and amplifier:

Note, that the +5V and Ground for the USB Hub are from the “Main power supply” and not from the USB port. The USB port only gives 500mA – this could be to less for the USB devices connected to the HUB.



  1. Hi,
    thanks for sharing the diagram. When you have some modifications, please update it.

    So, if I understand you will need 2 batteries?
    Can you place the battery reference/model?


      • Hi,
        if you get it, send me the reference of the battery. I was planning to use an external battery, but I like the Idea to use it internally. So I don’t need to use the Gameboy + External Battery.

        But I do have to get a charger and a voltage regulator. Do you gave the charger and regulator references? I might buy the same too.

        How will you use the charger and the regulator? If possible, can you share the schematics?

        Sorry for all this questions, but It will be useful for other who will replicate this project.

        Thanks for your support.

      • I think (hope) that I´ll solder everything together this week and do a blogpost about this. I really recommend usid an internal battery – there is enough room in the GameBoy case for this – except you plan to stick in tons of electric things…
        Oh, btw: my RaspBoy now as XBox360 Controller support with an internal wireless receiver 🙂

      • Oh! The xbox360 is a great idea! Also, I really like the ability to be able to connect to TV and have a multiplayer game. If you don’t mind, I will use that idea on mine too =)

        Before and after solder everything please take a lot of photos and share (dropbox or something) so I can analyse your build in deep. Watching the pictures are very usefull, so the more I can more Ideas I can get =)

        Can’t wait to receive my LCD and start modding!

        Please keep us update.

        PS. do you have skype or something? Anyway we can chat?

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