The RaspBoy (Part 4) – The external ports

The RaspBoy needs some external ports for connecting GamePads and USB Sticks, because I dont want to disassemble the whole thing for doing this.

One of the new USB ports will be where the “Link-Cable-Slot” was. A normal USB port fits perfectly in there!

I had to be more “creative” o get the other needed USB Ports, because the RasPi only has 2 USB out of the box (One of the two is needed by the Teensy (GameBoy-Buttons)

I found a “spider-like” USB Hub – extremly tiny. I disassembled it, removed 3 of the 4 wires of the USB Hub PCB, soldered the “Teensy-USB-wires” directly to the HUB and placed the remaining original USB Port, behind the battery cover. So every time a second GamePad is needed I only have to open the battery compartment and connect it to the hidden USB port.

 Why extra Gamepads?

I also made a hole for the Raspberry Pi´s HDMI Port in den Gameboy Casing, for connecting it to a TV. So the Raspboy will be a Handheld AND Retro-Console!

I wanted to use the Original GameBoy Volume-Control to adjust the Volume. BUT: Normally the potentiometer is held in place by the PCB – normally – there is no PCB any more……. Inspired by the World-Wide-Web I created a bridge between the Volume Control and the USB Port with a small metal plate. After some fails and burned fingers the volume control is in place.

 I solved the SD-Card-Problem with a second SD Slot connected with a ribbon cable to the original one. The new Slow will sit in the cartridge slot.



  1. Hi,
    do you have any diagram of all connections? I try to follow them by the pictures but its a bit hard to follow all the connections.
    Can you make a diagram or take more pictures of all connections? So I can try to follow it?


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