The RaspBoy (Part3) – A history of epic fails

Now I have to get rid of all the unnecessary pars of the Raspberry Pi because there is not much roome inside a GameBoy Case:

Warning: This Blogpost is not suitable for professionals because of excessive violence against electrical appliances

The following parts are not needed: The Ethernetport, the USB-Port, the Audio, and Composite-Port.

So i successfully desoldered the Audio and Composite Port and moved on the the 2 remaining ports to desolder them – theoretically….
Well, i tried to desolder them for about an hour to remove them the more elegant way, but I failed miserably.

After that I tried a more …..lets call it… unusual way…….. Armored with a rotary tool and cutting disc I carefully cut the Ports off the raspberry Pi and removed the rest with a side cutter and a scalpel.

After that operation, which will be remembered as the RasPi massacre I powered on the RasPi and – it still works! Honestly I have thought I finally destroyed it, but it seems that the small Raspi is tougher than a T1000…..

After soldering the audio and video connections I found a picture of the correct wiring of the USB port on the web. After wiring I powered on the RasPi again and —– the USB was dead….

Lets start the troubleshooting:
I removed and replaced the whole USB wiring and removed the Hub – without success.
After troubleshooting for a long time  he solution was quite simple:
The wiring of the USB port in the picture I found was on the opposite side of the RasPi, so I need to wire it mirrored!
So I corrected the mistake and the USB is working now

Finally I put everything in the Raspboy where it belongs – or should belong as you see on the picture I measured correcly, the battery and the Raspy fits perfectly so the SD card is accessible from the back after removing the battery cover……..NOT!

For sure everything fits perfectly, but here is not enough room left to pull out the SD card….


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