This is the police speaking!

One part of the topper is already mounted to the backbox – the emergency light.
The most difficult thing about this was to get a good emergency light – the USB lights were much too dim, the 230V light with 60 rpm too slow.
Finally I found a good working one at an Asia-Markted at the border to the czech republic….

First I removed the magnet , sawed off a part of the socket, lowered the motor, connected it to the LEDWiz (because its a 12V light), tested it and – nothing happened. Nada.

Why? The H7 bulb of the emergency light seems to need too much power, so the emergency light is now switched on my a 12V solenoid – case closed.

I am trying to find the best way to trigger the Topper. For now it seems that assigning the Gear-motor,and Shaker, Beacon and Fan to the topper output is quite fine.

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