Holy Alzheimer Batman! Finally an update!

SORRY! I simply forgot to translate my german posts. Thank god nobody reads my blg, so nobody cares about that ;-).

Now the playfield is now covered by an acrylic glasspanel, but now a new problem occured:
The notches I cut into the body of the cab for the 42“ LCD caused the plate to sag a little bit. So I formed 2 little colums  of the Playfield-Speaker-Cover with a wire cutter and some sandpaper and sticked them on the bezel and voila! The plate does not sag anymore!
I also installed 2 more flashers (the same stripes like the strobe but colored) at not so common positions: One on each side on the sidewalls.
Why? Now the „Light-Show“ is not only on the top of the playfield:

2do: A Topper
First I did´nt want to install a topper. Because of my cats (They think its quite funny jumping from the acrylic glassplate on the backbox and back) I have to put something on the backbox to avoid the plate becoming scratched. Maybe I get rid of the Cat fur on the plate too (shame on you, electrostatic charge!)
The Topper will be a emergency light with illuminated acrylic glass on each side – theoretically….
The emergency light will be illuminated on several events like, the Gear-Motor (thanks to Konsolenhalde for the tip), Multiball, the „explosion“ of the UFOS at AFM, …
Someday I´ll replace the one-color flasher with RGB ones – but first I need a new LEDWiz, because I´m out of outputs (There are only 24 working outputs on my LEDWiz, because I destroyed the 4th controller on my LEDWiz by short-circuiting it..)

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