PinballX and PinballFX 2

I chose PinballX as frontend for my Cab.

It looks similar to Hyperpin (You can use HP Media Packs), but it is much easier to set up and is faster than Hyperpin.
(Also there is a great community and helpful dev behind PinballX).

With Playfield and Backglass Videos PinballX looks great!. I Also added a new App to my Cab: PinballFX2.

PinballFX 2 is no Emulator, but rather a simulator. All tables are complete new creations with some unrealistic elements. There are various versions of PinballFX 2 available. Beside the Humble Bundle and the Steam Version (both are OK) there is a Win8 Version, which is available in the Appstore.

DO NOT BUY THE APPSTORE VERSION!!  There are some tables and an important option missing: You can´t rotate the playfield 270 Degrees!


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