The Win-Win-Win Situation

The big question: Which OS is the Best for my Cab?

Windows 8? Windows 7? Or maybe Windows XP?

I started with Windows XP – small, fast booting and it needs less ressources than the other OS.

First everything fas quite fine (except of some graphical issues when using VP), but at this time I wanted Head-Tracking support with Kinect, which does not run with Windows XP, so I upgraded to Win 8.1

Well, no head-tracking anymore, but Win 8.1 is still installed.

My Windows 8.1 experiences so far:

Boot time including PinballX frontend: 20 Seconds – great!


No big problems occured with VP, FP, BAM or the frontend. Only the KeyWiz Uploader didn´t work properly (It only uploaded the Keycodes when on focus).
So I dumped the Uploader and rewired the KeyWiz so the uploader wasn´t needed anymore.

VP worked fine, except of some Tables. Some tables were unplayable because of heavy ball stutter!
After hours of tial and error i unchecked “Region Updates” and “Region Optimization” in the VP settings and voila: No ball stutter anymore!

I really recommend Windows 8: fast booting, great compatibility and future proof becaude DirectX 11 (Who knows which great Apps are released in the future)


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