“Better Arcade Machine für Future Pinball” is a FP Mod, with some nice visual enhancements.The table is centered and scaled to fullscreen and changes the rendering so the tables look more realistic.

Another main-feature of BAM is head-tracking which is done with 2 PS3 Cams, Kinect oder Wiimotes.

I decided to try the Kinect-Version, because wearing an IR-LED seems to be quite uncomfortable. So I bought a used Kinect for EUR 28,– , shipping included (nice bargain!).

First i installed the Microsoft Kinect SDK and – found out that I need at least Win7 for this…
So I bought a Win8 license, installed it (FP and VP work flawlessly with Win8) and the head-tracking works great!

Too bad the LedWiz-Support of FP is really bad, so I gave up head-tracking (the joy of my children, because they now play with the Kinect on our Xbox)

To be honest: Head-tracking is fine, but kinda unnecessary

Why? I dont know wild you are playing, but I am standing relatively still in front of the pinball…


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