Clicking Cabinet

Well, 7 of the 8 Solenoids are installed (The last one will be installed today after I bought it).
I used small 12V Solenoids (the same as in my last cab) which are also used in cars, because they give a good feedback and they are not too loud

A switch will allow “silent mode” so I can´t bother my family when playing (The cab is in the living room). For easier mounting of the solenoids I mounted a panel right under the LCD.I also used 2 brackets for chaning the angle of the playfield.

A Second soundcard and 2 speakers under the playfield will allow Visual Pinball to play all mechanical Sounds like bumpers, Ball rolling using the “internal” speakers, and Speeck, Music, SFX using the speakers of the backbox. Now the tables (especially old ones) are more authentic.

The cover for the “DMD” is placed right on the 3rd screen, the flashers and strobe installed (they will be placed elsewhere than seen in the picture)

I recycled the Car-Strobes of my last table (They are cheaper than thr CREE LEDs) and used them as flashers, the strobes are 2 ultra-bright LED-stripes.



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