It´s alive, ALIVE!

Great, all 3 Screens are working and the CPU and graphics adapter don´t overheat. Kinect arrived a couple of days ago for BAM head tracking.

But there was a problem with the back glass in Future Pinball: It was out of center.
The solution for this issue was as strange as the issue itself: I simply changed the Screen order in my windows display settings to 1-3-2 and all was OK.

The first tests with Visual Pinball were successfully:
Its fun to play with Visual Pinball thanks to the new db2s backglasses and great LedWiz-support!
I think I´ll stick with Visual Pinball, even it has no head tracking and 3D graphics. Why? Because feedback is VERY important and the LedWiz support is very crappy in Future Pinball.

2013-12-06 14.39.102013-12-08 21.44.46


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