With the toe bone connected to the foot bone…

There will be 2 Screens in the Backbox: A 21″ 16:9 Samsung as Backglass, and a 19″ 4:3 HP for the score.

First of all I “unclothed” the LCDs. This was quite easy to do….at least with the HP Screen…
The Samsung was a pain in my next, because

1) The panel and the LCD are not one “unit”. Uncasing it would let it fall apart…
2) The wall mounting is built in the casing. No case – no wall mount.

Well… The screens are finally mounted to the Backbox ant the Backbox is connected to the Pinball

2013-11-16 20.05.002013-11-16 23.22.212013-11-16 23.42.29

Lets do the wiring:

I installed the Led-, and Keywiz in the Cab (near the Coindoor for easier access). I shortened the anchor of the plunger, because it would collide to the LCD, installed a micro switch and – voila, its done!
My graphics adapter (GTX 650ti Boost) and SSD (Kingston 120GB) arrived too and are waiting to be installed.

2013-11-24 17.04.442013-11-27 07.15.182013-11-27 07.15.352013-12-02 20.59.132013-12-02 20.59.402013-12-03 07.35.31


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