The cab is painted black, the lege polished andstraightened, the mechanism of the Lockbar is cleaned and repaired and the Frontbuttons are installed. I cut out an opening in both sides for the 42″ LCD. TheLCD now fits perfectly! (Who said, that you can’t place a 42″ LCD in a normal sized cab?!)! The metal cover of the cab will cover the openings.

Horray, a 42″ LCD! But wait! The Plunder is too long, the LCD is in the way!! I want the Williams Plunder, not a button, so I decided to shorten therod of the plunger. I knot that sounds kinda…brutal. But hey, its not an analog plunger, I will only place a microswitch for launching the ball on it. So it is no matter if you can pull the plunger 15cm, or 2cm o launch it.

The backbox is very pretty, but unfortunately to big (It was difficult enough to find a place for the cab in my flat). So I made a new (a bit smaller) one. Because of the 3 Screen Setup I will not be able to fold the backbox anymore, but who cares?



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