The NES-Gamepad-Remote

As you (maybe) remember, I got one more NES controller (See my NES Mouse post) which I want to turn into an apple remote.

So I disassembled the Controller, cleaned it and disassembled the Apple Remote.
WARNING: If you disassemble your Apple remote, you will (probably) not be able to assemble it again!

To get some more space I removed the IC and the connecting cable of the NES controller, and measured where I have to solder the wires for the buttons (I labeled them to make things easier). Now its soldering time! I soldered the wires to the Apple-Remote and the NES PCB very carefully and fixed the battery with some wires and a duct tape. Then I inserted the remote inside the lower part of the controlller with the IR-LED pointing out of the little hole, where the connecting calbe was (it fitted perfectly!) and assembled everything together.

The buttons of the NES controller are assigned as follows:
A : Select (middle) button
B : Menu
Select: Menu
Start: Play/Pause
Up/Down/Left/Right: Up/Down/Left/Right (suprise, suprise)

It works perfectly!
OK, I have to disassemble the whole controller for changing the battery – but who cares?

Now the boring, silver Apple Remote is turned into a cool retro Apple Remote.
Still 2do: Cover the IR LED



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