Virtual Pinball – A new beginning

New cab – new plan.

The Pinball machine is already disassembled..

Once it was a Williams Comet from 1985. Too bad the original backglass is missing. Instead a (crippled) James Bond 007 backblass was inserted. All PCBs, Lamps, wiring and the power supply are missing. The internals of the backbox are missing too. So it would cost a lot of money to get it up and running as a real pinball machine.

So: Playfield out – LCD in. For authentic feedback i plan to usethe original coils. The Plunder gets a micro switch, a Tilt-pendulum, 5 Flashers and more will be installed. A lot of work….

Some important parts are still present. Legs, bars and lockbar need a polish and the case needs some color. The plunger and the coindoor are in good shape.




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