Almost done ….no, wait!

This becomes a never-ending story, because I am thinking of adding new features every time the cab is almost done…

This time User Ollybolly brought me an idea (Many thanks for that): The bezel of the backbox will be made of milky plexyglass – illuminated.

Well…. this is more complex as i thought…..
How will I manage to evenly illuminate the box and how could I make a milky frame in the glass?

I used 4 pieces of LED stripes, mounted on the backside of the LCD to evenly illuminate the box (Don’t forget to isolate everything hat could cause a short circuit!)

The backbox without glass – not illuminated:

Foto 1

The 2 strobes, which were mounted on the sides of the playfield, are now backbox strobes. 2 superbright LED-Stripes are now the playfield strobes.

Here 2 pictures of the illuminated box and the new playfield strobes:

Foto 2Foto 3

As you see the backbox is illuminated very bright… too bright….
So I musused a regulator for a pc-fan to dim the light.

The glass is not finished yet, but here is an useful tip: NEVER use Frost-colors or similar!. It is looking quite fine – until you illuminate it…. I´ll give some static milky-glass-foil a chance….


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