Piece parts puzzle

Hard to believe, that THIS will become a table: 


A jigsaw-puzzle with 21 parts is waiting for me…
I bought the boards at hornbach, because it was the cheapest supplier who also cut the boards in length.
Well….today is sunday, so I can’t start building the table today (because of the noise), but maybe I´ll do the backbox…

I also hacked a gamepad today (it was not hat difficult), because an i-pac is too expensive. To tap the “this-button-is-now-pushed” signal, I either scrape of the coating of the conductor path or I traced it to the next solder point. The inputs of the signal are black, the outputs of the respective buttons are red. The following photo shows (beside the quantities of red cables) 2 black cables (so there are 2 inputs). You can´t use the same input for every button (at least in this gamepad).

To get a “Force Feedback” for bumpers, slingshots and more, I´ll install some relays right under the playfield LCD. Normally you´ll find those 12V relay in cars:

This sort of relax does´nt have the “bang” of real solenoids, but they are MUCH cheaper and they can be powered with the power-supply of the PC!. BTW: I live in a flat. My neighbors would kill me If I use real Solenoids. They can be switched off too when installed, to play noiseless.


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