Buttons, buttons, buttons…

I received my order today!

I never would have guessed, that the Jumbo-button is THAT “Jumbo” … 
Also the small PacDrive, the Leaf-Switches (right over the PacDrive), cable clamps, LEDs, PCB Standoffs and the luminated Buttons.
I had a lot of “normal” buttons left from a past project, so I decided to upgrade them with a Leafswitch Champ. They are very simple to mount (just replace the microswitches)
The luminated buttons are supplied with a light bulb. So I ordered some colored LEDs to replace them.
Here are 2 yellow buttons. One with a LED, and one with the light bulb:
The right button is not that bright as shown, but clearly brighter than the left button. Too bad, that the left (darker) button is laminated with a LED…
So the bulbs will stay inside the buttons and I´ll keep the LEDs for future use…

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