The driving Pacman

It´s time for a small update:

I ordered the missing Buttons, Leaf switches (for the flipper-buttons) and the pacdrive.
Finally I decided to order the pac drive, because I should be more flexible with future “table extensions”

The PacLED64 is a fine controller too because of the fantastic attract-mode and fading, but:
1) The shop I placed my order does not sell the PacLED
2) The PacDrive can control all devices up to 48V, like Solenoids (for force feedback). The PacLED can control only LEDs
3) 64 LEDs (respectively 21 RGB LEDs?) For what?

I placed my order at, because it was the cheapest shop for me (including shipping). This shop does sell a nice jumbo-launch-button too 😉

Ultimarc sells a lot of different things and seems to be cheap too, but unfortunately tax the prices are without tax (will be added at checkout). At GroovyGameGear you´ll have to pay customs too.


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